Francis attacks the director [video clip with Japanese narration]

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Includes Benshi (Japanese) narration., A video clip extracted from the digital version of the silent movie "The cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1919). Original filming: 1919. Benshi (Japanese narration): Tokugawa Musei, Kinokuniya Hall, Tokyo, 1968. Copyright date: 1994 (ZDF/ARTE) and 2002 (Kino International Corp.)., 1 hour, 8 min., 52 sec., 1 hour, 13 min., Clip created at Hamilton College in 2011 by Alex Benkhart '11 and updated in 2013 by Mary Lehner '12., Audio recording courtesy of Matsuda Film Productions, Copyright for audio held by Matsuda Film Productions, but used in this project with their approval., Original clip filename: Caligari 3 V-A

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